About Phoebe

Crystal Clear Channel

I am here to help

It all started when I was 3 years old, I told my mom I am here to help.  She was puzzled.  I used to go to church with my grandparents and in the ceiling I would see many beautiful Angels and Jesus staring down on me with loving approving smiles.  

Holy Fire Reiki Master


I became a Usui Reiki Master in 2005.  Then I took the Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master course in February of 2017.  

Everything really opened up for me and my practice working with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity.  With the Mother/God energy too. I love my practice and I want to share what I learned with people of the light who need what I have to offer.  


We Are All One


We are all One in Body, Mind and Spirit.  Whatever we think about we bring about.  We are all connected with our Minds and Hearts.  Whatever we put our energy into that is what we get.  For example if we are afraid of something that we think will happen, we are putting our energy into that event and sure enough it will happen.  Usually we say I knew that was going to happen.  We actually created that event as a learning experience.  If we only think about wonderful things happening and put that energy into only positive thoughts and feelings, that is what will manifest for us.  If we break out of the crystalis of our past programming nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams.  We are meant to have everything, to be everything, to do everything that we need.  We are the Light and Love that we seek.  I believe in every one of you.

My Mission


My mission is to assist people back to their Wholeness so they will Manifest their Dreams.  I believe and know that we are already whole, perfect and complete, we just need to remember and reawaken to our true nature as Mother/Father Master Manifestors of the Violet Flames.

We are the Light and Love that we are seeking


The answers we seek are within each one of us.  Our only mission is to Be.  Be the Love and the Light that we are seeking outwardly.  Listen to your gut and pray and meditate for guidance and it will come in signs.   Repeating messages that we hear, things we see such as coins, feathers, flashes of light for example.  And listening for the soft clear voice of love.  Jesus loves all of us and is here for everyone to guide us to the light and love that is in each one of us if we only have eyes to see and ears to hear.  God is Love.  Love is the answer.  We are all very special in the kingdom of God.(Mother/Father God)