Phoebe's Credentials

Spiritual Energy Healing Taught by Bonnie Willow


Beginner Spiritual Energy Healing      2006 

Intermediate Spiritual Energy Heal   2008

Advanced Spiritual Energy Healing   2008



Usui 1st Degree Reiki                             2002   by Sharon Schulmann                                     

Usui 2nd Degree Reiki                            2003   by Sharon Schulmann  

Usui Reiki Master                                    2005  by Deni Fearman                        

Usui Holy Fire Reiki 1&2                         2016     by Mary Spohn            

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master                   2017     by Mary Spohn                                             Karuna Ki Reiki Master                          2018             by Aimee Phlegar

Healing Touch


Level 1 Healing Touch Program           2010  By Joy Heartsong   

Level 1 Healing Touch International    2013 By Myra Tovy 

Level 2 Healing Touch International    2013 By Myra Tovy           

Level 3 Healing Touch International    2015   By Judy Turner

Christa Resources (cr) Attunements by Adreinne Wentworth


Level 1 Christa Resources Attunements                                                          2008

Level 2 Christa Resources Attunements                                                          2009

Level 3 Christa Resources Attunements                                                           2009

Angelic Healing


Doreen Virtue Connecting with Angel         

                                                             2005                                            By Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader                                                      2014     byDoreen Virtue                                                                                                                                                       Doreen Virtue Certified Fairyologist                                                                            2016                                 Online Doreen Virtue      

Angelic Healing Practitioner


Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

3/10/19 both by Tania Magdalene, The Academy of Ancient Magik



Universal Life Church Credentials of Ministry                                                   2005

​​​​​Level 1 Cranio Sacral Therapy             2007   Upledger Institute​                                          

Lifespark volunteer                   2013- 2015

Essential Oil Wellness Advocate        2015

Member of                           2017  

Doterra Wellness Advocate  2015 to order or become a new advocate.

Keep Me Safe Organics  wonderful safe skincare and cosmetics


To order or become a KMSO Advocate.